2019 One Of The Best Top 10 Places Celebrate Christmas In India | 2019 Christmas Celebrate In India

2019 christmas celebrate places

2019 One Of The Best Top 10 Places To Celebrate Christmas In India | 2019 Christmas Celebrate Places | 2019 Christmas In India

1. Delhi Christmas Place

Delhi is a country where you can find people from all communities and regions. If you’re looking for midnight mass and other religious activities, visit the Sacred Heart Cathedral near Connaught Place. In addition, the markets will be filled with souvenirs, delicacies and holiday discounts. To learn about the traditional style of Christmas, visit the concert of the Minstrel Capital Choir. Other places to visit for Christmas, visit the Church of St. Alfonso, church of St. Jakub and others. Take advantage of the best in luxury hotels and restaurants in Delhi and try the new Christmas liquors that are introduced in time before Christmas in India.

delhi christmas place

2. Mumbai Christmas Place

Mumbai is a port area with numerous Christian communities of various cultures. This gives rise to the various styles of Christmas celebrations. For traditional Christmas, reach the Bandra region in the western suburbs. On Christmas Eve you can find numerous Catholic churches, midnight masses and so on. The most beautiful place to visit this festival is St. Thomas Cathedral, which in 2018 turned 300 years old.

Certainly, the 300th Christmas celebration would be at the highest level. Visit Hill Road of Bandras to enjoy delicacies in bakeries, Christmas decorations at home and so on. If you’re looking for a different Christmas style, try the Matharpacady village to enjoy East Indian Christmas style, strolling with cultural heritage, a festive feast, events and more.

mumbai christmas place

3. Goa Christmas Place

Can you beat Christmas in Goa? You can find many different types of people celebrating Christmas in their own style. You can find carols, exhibitions, madness and other festivities. Saint Nicholas can be found on almost all streets. The most important activity is a drive through the streets of Goa on Christmas Eve to see the lights and other decorations. There would be many hotels that serve traditional Goa-style festivities. Beaches would be free to enjoy family beach Christmas if you want to do something special. Liquor and alcohol would flow across the street.

goa christmas place

4. Kerala Christmas Place

If you are looking for a place to worship, there are many churches in the Indian and European style with a wonderful architectural character. In addition, on Christmas Eve you can enjoy a stunning ride through the stagnant waters to see the entire city in light and festivities in Kerala. With winter in the calendar, the backwaters and mountains will be the best place for a family picnic during Christmas. The best places to hit are the Pulimkunnu backwaters on a country boat, Parambikulam in the early morning and the Nelliyampathy hills.

kerela christmas place

5. Banglore Christmas Place

It’s a place where you can find many old churches and many traditional services. You can participate in many ceremonies to enjoy Christmas in Indian style. There are many old bakeries (which can be labeled as ancient) to enjoy traditional rum plum cake. The most popular places in Bangalore are Commercial Street, Johnson Market and Cox Town. Almost all shopping centers and other entertainment centers would have an ice house where you can enjoy the snow if you really miss it in India.

banglore christmas place

6. Kolkata Christmas Place

The city of joy becomes brighter and lively during the holiday season. The aroma of fruit cake and biscuits fills the air, and the markets become crowded. Although Christmas is not one of the main festivities in Calcutta, the city has some feelings about it. Park Street is one of the places that makes the Christmas mood extravagant. It may turn out that in addition to Christians, people from other communities who perform prayers and sing carols during the northern mass in churches. Also during the holiday season, you can observe large discounts on items on the market, which makes the bazaars in Calcutta quite busy. The exhibition of light and sound, rock music, flickering lights and delicious food make the atmosphere in the city even more enjoyable.

kolkata christmas place

7. Manali Christmas Place

Do you dream of white Christmas in India? If so, Manali may be the right place for you. This popular Himachal is ideal for those who want to celebrate Christmas in the real snow. It is mainly snowing during Christmas in Manali, which gives tourists the chance to ski and make a snowman or just throwing a snowball. You may also want to live in one of the huts that definitely improve the holiday mood. However, be sure to book the hotel in advance because so many people visit Manali in December.

manali christmas place

8. Ooty Christmas Place

Ooty is a popular romantic and stereotypical place on a hill in southern India. When it comes to culture, it is quite an unusual destination. Because; it is a beautiful place to spend Christmas. The climate makes the place more tempting to visit during Christmas. You can find all traditional Christmas activities, such as midnight masses, Santa’s visit with singers, carols, Christmas feasts, traditional decorations, cultural activities and much more. Farmers from the region visit churches to provide cream for their harvest for the festival and the deity. So a great feast would turn into a great meal to enjoy the varied cuisine of this country.

Ooty Christmas Place

9. Shimla Christmas Place

Queen Of Hills, Shimla is one of the best winter destinations in India and the best place for snowfall in India. One of the most popular mountain stations in India, Shimla’s beauty is second to none. A lively city located on the Himalayas lap, Shimla is all you can expect from a winter getaway. A walk along the snowy road to the shopping center or trekking to the Jakhu Temple, the peace of Shimla will make you wonder for a moment. Shimla also offers a skating park where you can test your skills and have the best of the winter season.

shimla Christmas Place

10. Puducherry Christmas Place

French influence in Puducherry has indeed done something good! If you’re looking for a zealous celebration of Christmas that is peaceful at the same time, Puducherry is the place for you. Like Goa, Puducherry also has a good Roman Catholic population, which means that Union territory also has its own way of celebrating this joyous occasion. During the holiday season, Puducherry becomes brighter, you can feel the elemental atmosphere and you are forced to be part of it. Christmas service at the Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Eglise de Notre Dame des Anges (Church of Our Lady of the Angels), Cathedral of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception, Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Church of Our Lady of Lourdes and Church of Our Lady of Good Health are a very good view .

Puducherry christmas place


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