A Detailed Insight into Graphology from the Indian Astrology Perspective


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As per Indian astrology, Graphology is a branch of science that mainly deals with handwriting analysis and determining the character or personality traits through the same. Graphology is also very useful in identifying the three zeros of handwriting, slant and the spacing in between the characters, character size and also the pressure applied on the pages while writing.

According to some of the famous astrologer in India graphology has been there since 2000 years and its principles have been accepted by both India and the Western countries. However, to properly understand the principles of Graphology, we should properly know the human brain which has connections with our feeling and the fingers of our hands. The human brain responds following the feelings like stress, happiness or sad – which in turn make the fingers of our hands move. Hence, the handwriting of a person who is healthy and happy will differ from those who are suffering from mental trauma and not in the best of their health.

Three Zones of Handwriting

The handwriting of an individual can be divided into three important zones like Upper, Middle and the Lower zone. This has been clearly shown in the figure below:

As shown in the figure above, the upper zone is also known as the “Zone for Intellectuals” and mainly represents those persons who are intelligent, spiritual and imaginative. The middle zone, on the other hand, is known as the “Social Zone” – represents those persons who have lots of self-confidence and likes to maintain his social relations. Moreover, these persons are action-oriented and they don’t like to waste their precious time in thinking. The lower zone, also known as “Baser Zone” mainly represents the sexual desire of a person and they have more love for sex in a relationship. If the letters drop more, then it will represent their material desires, while letters which have a very sharp bottom represent a person’s criminal tendencies.

The Slant of Writing

The slant of writing can be divided into 5 main categories, based on handwriting styles. If the handwriting represents absolute vertical letters, then it denotes a person who lives or likes to think in the present. If the handwriting is inclined towards the right, then it represents persons who like to live in the future. If the letters are extremely inclined towards the right, then it depicts persons who would like to jump into actions without adequate thinking. Last but not least, if the letters are slightly inclined towards left, then it represents persons who are highly imaginative and if letters are highly inclined towards left, they represent persons who are daydreamers.

Spacing Between the Words:

If there is a lot of space between the words, then it represents a person who is lonely in his/her life and doesn’t want to interact with others as well. While on the other hand, if the words are very close to each other, then it represents persons who like to interact with people and get involved with them. These persons are always insecure in their life and also have a low confidence level.

Writers who tend to leave white space between the two lines of their sentence are normally the ones with great analytical skills while others who don’t represent weak-willed persons.

Writing Lines Direction

Lines that follow an ascending order represent those persons who are optimistic in their life – while lines following a descending order represent pessimistic persons. Apart from that, a wavy line represents the character of a person whose personality often fluctuate.

Size of the Letters

Persons who use large letters while they are writing are the ones who always expect to be distinctive in the eyes of others, while others who use small are intelligent persons who never bother about others. Round letters represent soft-hearted persons and narrow letters represent calculative ones.

Writing Pressure

Persons who apply a huge amount of pressure while writing represents those who are strong-hearted, have a strong will and have a huge amount of sexual desire. While those who don’t apply huge pressure represents those who have low sexual desire and are not strong-willed.


Given above are some of the great tips and tactics that are being shared by some of the great astrologers or graphologists in India. However, applying the techniques of graphology requires a professional’s attention – in case you want to get the maximum results from them. Vashikaran Specialist Astrologer in India Consult graphologists like Shri Indraraj Priyam for a getting an experts advice in this segment.


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