Best Android apps for creating a cinematic Instagram story with pictures.

Instagram Stories

Since Instagram story was launched in August of 2016, it has always been buzzing. Instagram story can be used for multiple purposes. E-commerce uses Instagram story to create product awareness, promo sales, giveaways, and more. Brands and bloggers also use Instagram story for sharing content with their audience.

Ads also run on Instagram story and brands with 10,000 followers on Instagram can promote content links via Instagram story.

With that being said, digital marketers have estimated that only 2% of the audience engages with posts on Instagram story. That’s quite a low number.

The major problem being that most post seems repetitive and simplistic. Especially if the posts that are put up has the default Instagram story filters and effects.

The audience needs to feel wowed to be able to engage with the Instagram stories. Creating a cinematic Instagram story is essential in today’s digital marketing.

Luckily technology has moved rapidly to the extent where you don’t necessarily need to have photoshop skills to create an awesome Instagram story. All can be done with just a smartphone.

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For the android community, we will be going over in detail on the top android apps in Google play store that has the tools for creating cinematic Instagram stories with pictures. Let’s jump right in!

7 Android Apps for creating cinematic Instagram stories from pictures


This is an Instagram story editor freemium app on google play store. Mojito app provides unique Instagram story preset templates, soundtracks, and fonts. Mojito has lots of categories with matching templates.

These features Mojito provides enable for creating a fantastic animated cinematic Instagram story with just pictures.

Personal Review: Mojito provides everything needs for making cinematic Instagram stories but the good stuff are locked behind subscription payment.


This is a premium app on Google Play store. If you are a vlogger, blogger, or just a brand then StoryChic is the best app to design your Instagram stories.

Free images fetch directly from Unsplash that can be used for commercial purposes. Weekly updates of preset templates, music, fonts, and transitions.

Personal Review: The three days trial enables you to create awesome cinematic Instagram stories. After the trial you will be cut off completely. It’s easy to use, constantly updated with new preset templates. Is it worth the subscription? Yes!


Mostory is a freemium app on the Google play store. 300+ preset templates for Instagram stories. With over 50+ fonts and 100+ track songs.

New templates are constantly added each 2 weeks to keep the app fresh and entertaining to use.

Personal Review: Mostory offers lots of templates that don’t limit your creative mind. Yet falls into the trap of freemium apps seeking premium users.


StoryArt is ideal for beginners when it comes to designing Instagram stories in general. Features such as Instagram story highlighter icons, unique static image templates make StoryArt app unique.

For creating animated/cinematic stories StoryArt has Mostory animated templates integrated.

Personal Review: New updates to templates and songs take quite some time. The available templates for freemium users are very limited. The Instagram story highlighter makes StoryArt app a must-have for beginners looking to build a brand.

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Story editor is yet another static Instagram story editor that is available on the Google play store. What makes InStory stand out from other apps on this list is the templates are original and unique.

If you are running a blog, brand on Instagram, then InStory would be a nice addition to your Instagram tools.

Personal Review: The templates that InStory offers for freemium users are enormous and unique. Story Editor layout is quite easy to get around. Although it doesn’t offer animated Instagram story templates, I would say give it a try!

Story Maker

Similar to InStory, the Story Maker app provides lots of static templates for creating a fantastic Instagram story.

With modern, seasonal, and event-ready templates in Story Maker, it in contention for a must-have Instagram tool.

The layout of Story Maker is a bit complicated at first but it’s easy to understand after a few trials and errors.

Personal Review: Lots of ads per click, whether it’s to save or to go back to a previous option. The ads make the user experience horrible. Users having to spend more time on a task due to ads.

Animated Stories

Just as the name suggested Animated stories app is all about creating fantastic cinematic Instagram Stories.

With lots of animated templates to choose from to design cinematic Instagram story. Animated stories app will be more suited for bloggers and content creators.

Personal Review: Animated stories app layout is difficult to use. The best templates are locked behind payment. Freemium users are restricted to a few templates which would result in a redundant design.


Instagram story is one of the best ways to engage your audience on the Instagram platform. Getting their attention would require eye-catching pictures and videos alike.

If you’re aiming towards brand designing, showcasing style then StoryChic is the right choice. Whether as for content creators and blogger Mojito app and StoryArt will provide the best templates to get your audience’s attention.

We have provided you will all the guidance and tools to create your own cinematic Instagram story with just pictures. The ball is in your court, explore your creative mind, and put it on display on your Instagram story.


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