Best Audio Editing Software

Audio Editing Software

Top 5 Best Audio Editing Software

I don’t think there is a reason for you to understand the need for a good soundtrack for any video or movie. A movie may have some visuals that make the audience go wow, but to really feel the scene the audio plays an equal part for a scene. There are many editing software you can use, some are free, some bring in additional features, some are specific to a particular operating system and whatnot. So, in order to help you figure out where you should invest your time and money, we’ve dredged through the various audio editing software to find the best ones, the crème de la crème if you will. So, here are the 7 best audio editing software you can check out. 

1. Adobe Audition

Adobe’s Audition is quite easily one of the best audio editing software you can get. The app comes with some incredible features that have been honed with the many years of experience Adobe’s team has in creating powerful applications for professional users. Audition comes with features like multi-track editing and mixing which will definitely make your audio editing experience much easier and efficient. The software also comes with a feature called ‘Auto Ducking’ which uses Adobe’s proprietary AI-based ‘Adobe Sensei’ technology to figure out places where you may want to lower the volume of a background track in order to make the vocals, speech, etc sound clearer, making your job much easier to do.

Audio Editing Software

Price: Free trial available; subscription starts at $20.99 per month

2. Logic Pro X

Obviously, an article about creative applications will mention Apple in one way or another. Logic Pro X, which is Apple’s DAW for systems running macOS would’ve been my choice for the best audio editing software, but since it’s only available on macOS, it brings its accessibility down by quite a bit (not every artist uses a Mac, after all). 

Audio Editing Software

Price: $199.99 (Check out Logic Pro X)     

3. Audacity

I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of Audacity. The free and open-source software is mentioned on almost every single audio editing thread out there, and for good reason. As I said, Audacity is free, like completely free, and that makes it the most easily accessible software to anyone looking to get started with audio editing. Plus, it’s no slouch when it comes to the features either. 

Audio Editing Software

Price: Free 

Check out Audacity

4. Reaper

Reaper is yet another audio editing software that’s incredibly powerful and feature-rich while also being comparatively more affordable than some of the other options on this list. For starters, Reaper comes with support for multiple tracks and has remarkable multichannel support with 64 channels in each track. It also brings the ability to directly record audio to mono, stereo, or even multichannel audio files, along with the ability to record to multiple disks at the same time for data redundancy if that’s something you want.

Audio Editing Software

Price: Free trial available; license starts at $60

Check out Reaper

5. FL Studio

If you’re looking to be the next big name in EDM (or even if you’re just looking for a remarkable audio editing software) you should definitely give FL Studio a look-see. Used by artists like Martin Garrix, Porter Robinson, and others, FL Studio is definitely a top-notch software for audio editing files. Similar to other top-notch DAWs, FL Studio also supports multi-track recording, time-stretching, and pitch shifting. 

Audio Editing Software

Price: Free trial available; license starts at $99

Check out FL Studio

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