Best Sites To Get Traffic On Your New Blog In 2020?


Hello, Today I will Provide you some best sites to get traffic to your blog free if you are a new blogger and have a problem with getting traffic.

I will provide you some best sites to get traffic to your blog as well as I will give you some ideas that will help you earn money by google ads.

Get Traffic To Your Website Free

We know that getting traffic to your blog is no an easy task but if you know from where you can get traffic to website.

If you have not any idea to generate traffic to your new blog then stay tuned, I will give you ideas on how you can get traffic to the website as well as it will increase your ranking.

 Top Sites That Will Give You Daily Up To 10k Views

  1. Facebook Group
  2. Instagram Ads
  3. Quora Forum
  4. Backlinks
  5. Promotion

Let’s start with our first step top get traffic to website as well as you can easily make money from the new blog.

Before starting about these steps, you should keep in mind that you are targeting your niche related visitors otherwise you can’t get traffic to your new blog.

Facebook Group

If you have not any Facebook group then you will surely regret it after 6 to 8 months. There are lots of websites that only have 10% of traffic from search engines but 90% of traffic they are getting from Facebook groups.

I know a blog that has group traffic from the US country and they get up to 1 million traffic from Facebook group.

you can imagine how much money is earning from this Facebook group traffic every day, I also checked it and they might be earns 4k per day from only Facebook group.

I shocked how much money they are making from groups, then I made my first group on Facebook in 2017.

Now, I have 50k followers and mostly my followers are from a UK country and after 2 years working hard today my earning is better than before.

So you should make a Facebook group as we know that every day 90 billion users online and spend their time up to 5 hours per day.

It means you have very good opportunity to get traffic to a website or a new blog. if you have not any group on Facebook then you can promote your website by giving money.

If you get 10k to 15k page views every day then you can easily make 20 to 30 dollars per day but it depends on your traffic geolocation.

Instagram Ads

Instagram is the most trending application on the web. there were more than 100 billion users who spend their 3 hours per day on Instagram.

The main part is you can’t share your link on Instagram if you have not 10k followers on your Instagram page.

But if you have money to invest then you can invest your money by placing ads on Instagram and you can get 85% traffic from Instagram.

Before investing money on Instagram you should keep in mind that you have interesting content on your website otherwise you will lose your money.

You can target audiences such as, Education, tech reviews, movies, trending topics that will give you traffic in millions.

These are the best categories if you want to get huge traffic then you should make content on these categories and you can make good money.

Quora Forum

Do you know what is Quora and how much traffic you can drive to your new blog? let me make you clear that you can easily generate 1k to 2k per day visitors by Quora forum.

On Quora, you will need to make an account and start giving answers on Quora as well as you can add one link in your answer.

As I said before you should only target your content related audience, it will help your users to stay on your website.

Quora has monthly 1 billion traffic and if you complete 5kk answers on Quora then you will start getting traffic in thousands as well as Quora might be offer you to participate in their content marketing program.

It means you can also earn money on Quora by giving valuable answers to users. So you should try to invest your time on quora.


Backlinks are still important for SEO but it can only increase your SEO because if you will not make backlinks from high DA sites then you can not get traffic to your website.

You must check how much traffic they ar5e getting from google with whom you are linking your website.

Backlinks are helpful to increase your trust in google eye and google will start promoting your content in front of millions of people.

You can make no-follow backlinks and do-follow backlinks both having importance in google eyes but you should focus to make do follow backlinks.

So start making backlinks and increase your trust in google eyes if you want to be in the blogging field.


There are lots of ways to promote your blog I have said two steps to promote your blog by investing money but do you know that you can also promote your blog on telegram?

Yes, you can also promote your blog on telegram channels and mostly they are very cheap it means you can save your money by promoting your new blog on telegram

Again, you should have a target audience and interesting content on your blog, if you want to promote on telegram groups.

Apart from that, you can also use the medium. com where you will have to give money for subscription and after that, you can make an account on

You can promote them by placing ads on and you will also get a backlink from them. It means you will get many offer on

Why I Should Use These Steps?

These are the best steps to promote your website free of cost otherwise you can invest money by google ads as well as Facebook ads.

You can get traffic to website from Quora free of cost apart from that you can promote your content on Quora by investing money.

How Much Traffic Will I Get From These Steps?

It all depends on your strategy, how you promote your blog. you can get around 5k to 8k per day traffic from these websites free of cost if you don’t invest money.

You can use telegram channels for promoting your content because it is very cheap to promote your content on telegram.

Will I Make 20$ Per Day From My New Blog? 

Yes, you can easily make 20$ from the new blog you just need to make sure you have enough content on your blog and it is interesting.

You can make more money than you think so you should try to publish more content on your new blog and then you can promote your website.


I hope you have got a point to get traffic to website free of cost. You need to keep in mind that you should not invest huge money in your new blog.

You should test your new blog then check your user’s behavior then after you should try to get traffic on your new blog.




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