Emraan Hashmi Songs

Emraan Hashmi Songs

Top 10 Emraan Hashmi Songs, Best Emraan Hashmi Songs, Top Emraan Hashmi Songs, Top 10 Emraan Hashmi Movies

Emraan Hashmi SongsEmraan Hashmi starrer movie Azhar has set an example that most of the songs will rule bollywood that year when a movie is released for this actor. The song Bol do na zara sang by Armaan Malik has already touched millions of hearts this year and has set an example as one of the best hindi romantic songs. The actor is also known as the serial kisser of the Bollywood started his career with the movie Footpath in the year 2003, though it did not hit the hearts of audience so well. However, the songs and the acting kept a mark on the audience. The killing romantic scenes in the movie Murder kept a thrill on the nerves of the audience. Moreover, the songs of the movie also touched the hearts of many. Subsequently, most of his movies had such bold scenes which other Bollywood movies never touched that level.

Important facts about Emraan Hashmi

  • Most of the time the songs of Emraan Hashmi movies are a real hit of that year compared to other movies released for that year.
  • Bold and romantic scenes a must watch in his movies.
  • Over the years the acting of the actor has really leaped to the next level.
  • Most of his movies are thrillers and hence you cannot leave until the end.
  • When discussing about Emraan Hashmi songs, most discussions among a group of friends are related to the songs and romantic scenes of his movies.
  • Never gets into unwanted trouble on social media which shows his calm nature.
  • Most girls say we don’t like Emraan Hashmi, but if you ask their favorite songs, it could be one from his movies only. Strange!! Isn’t it?
  • If you ask a guy about Emraan Hashmi, they will talk about the songs, and the movie Awarapan surely comes into the discussion. It could be his acting or the hit songs from the movie.

Here is The List Of Top 10 Emraan Hashmi Songs


1. Woh Lamhe – Zehr

Woh Lamhe” sang by “Atif Aslam” is a song which we can hear in a loop even today. It is one of the best tracks and from this composition Atif gained recognition and won many awards as well. The movie did not work, but this song is a classic romantic track, which can make anyone miss their lovers.

2. Aadat – ‘Kalyug’

Aadat” is picturised on “Kunal Khemu” but the remix version was played by “Emraan Hashmi” and since then this song became a hit. And even the original got more attention than the kilogramme mix.

3. Main Rahun Ya Na Rahun

Main Rahun Ya Na Rahun” is from a solo track album, and it is a romantic one; the video, audio, everything is awesome. We can listen to it again and again, as it just becomes better and better, the more we hear it. It is also a perfect song to dedicate to your loved ones.

4. Toh Phir Aao – Awarapan

The heart wrenching lyrical composition “Toh Phir Aao” is another soulful track from the hit film “Awarapan.” You will feel relaxed after listening to it.

5. Dance Basanti ‘Ungli’

Dance Basanti” is a slow number with meaningful words and a beautiful tune; a must listen to composition for dreamers, and it will give you hope to live.

6. Bol Do Tum Zara ‘Azhar

“Azhar” had many good track lists, out of which the best is “Bol Do Tum Zara,” which is the newest favourite romantic song for all. Emraan Hashmi’s magic touch has made “Bol Do Tum Zara” a hit as well.

7. Zara Sa “Jannat”

The famous number “Zara Sa” can never be replaced by any other, as this is a classic song for boys while proposing any girl. It is melodious and perfect for a date dance.

8. Rab Ka Shukrana – ‘Jannat 2’ –

Rab Ka Shukrana” is a passionate track from “Jannat 2” which also has amazing compositions; you cannot miss out the whole album as well. The love in Emraan’s eyes is mystical and that is why his acted songs have the same rhythm like in his eyes.

9. Pee Loon “One Upon Time in Mumbai” 

Pee Loon” is another hit track of “Emraan Hashmi,” from the hit movie “Once Upon A Time in Mumbai.” Even though he played the role of a Don, he had his share of enchanting hit tracks to make us fall in love. “Pee Loo” is one such song which makes our heart pound.

10. Ishq Sufiyana “The Dirty Picture”

The Dirty Picture” had a number of loud compositions based on 80’s and 90’s style. But thanks to “Emraan Hashmi” we got a good song to listen to; “Ishq Sufiyana” is a soulful track.

List of important movies of Emraan Hashmi which can never go un-noticed

One thing you will notice from the above Emraan Hashmi Movies list that some of the most romantic songs produced ever are from these movies only. We still have some of the songs from early 2010 on our playlist from the above list of movies of Emraan Hashmi Songs. The songs Bol do na zara from the movie Azhar will remain as one of the most romantic songs of 2016 even if other songs get released this year.


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