Health habits and boost our immune system. Food and Workout


So the topic is about food !!! Who doesn’t love food, millions of people love to cook food. But there are many types of foods some are very healthy and some are not. We mostly love to eat non-healthy food… What are you thinking !!! Really ?? Seriously ?? this is the questions in your mind right now or your answer is ‘yes we already knew that !!!!!’.

Now the question is what kind of food we must eat in order to stay healthy and fit. There are many kinds of foods available in the world for example:

Sweets: Kalakand, Payasam, Rasgulla, Jalebi, Dil Pasand, etc. I am talking about Asia’s food which are high on fat and provides fewer proteins and nutrition. But, the problem is this kind of food is very tasty and delicious to eat also we love it. To eat this kind of food we should workout daily and stay fit.

Street/Bakery Food: Egg/Chicken/Veg puff recipe’s, Tutty Frutti Cup Cakes, Pakoda, etc. As we can see there are so many unhealthy foods that will increase various health issues like obesity, stress, Blood Pressure, diabetics, and heart problems.

We must improve our healthy habits to increase of immune system as we don’t know how many pandemics we need to face like Corona for example. In this modern world, we should increase our health to stay healthy and stay fit. For increasing the health habits we must take breakfast like Oatmeal and drink many more healthy drinks like ragi malt, Musk melon juice’s, Apple, Dragon Fruits, and much other health benefited fruits that will boost up our health system

Wuhan Food Market :

There is a lot of news around the world about what food market, about the food that is supplied in the market. There are thousands of animals slaughtered there for consumption like Pigs, spreader of flu, and bought millions of losses to the people around the world. The greatest pandemic that we are facing now is the corona, which caused due to consumption of bat’s that decreased the GDP of many countries around the world also many people are starving in many countries. Eating of non-healthy food will spread many types of viruses that will cause this kind of pandemics.

Change of Life-Style :

There will be before corona and after the corona lifestyle around the world, as people will concentrate more on health. There are many countries that are concentrating on health now, changing their food menu to increase their immune system. We should also start taking healthy food like Oatmeal’s that is rich in fiber and many other proteins and nutrients.

Workouts are very essential in life that will keep us healthy, also changes the way we look and keeps out of so many health issues. Even drinking a cup of water every morning will help decrease so many health issues that include digestion and also clears skin-related issues.

Note: This article supports people to eat healthy food and to avoid unhealthy food. It’s time to change our health habits and boost our immune system.


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