How to download HotStar Videos And Movies


How to download HotStar Videos And Movies : HotStar App is a very popular app for video streaming websites, but do you know that you can download its movies and Shows easily! And in this blog article, we will explain how to do it?

It is a very famous video streaming platform. While millions of users watch their favorite movies and serials on this every day, even the fans of Infect Cricket have not been able to survive from this.

YouTube or other video streaming apps

At this time of the Internet, every user has started using YouTube or other video streaming apps to watch most of the videos, and we are in this post today in one of the biggest and famous online video streaming apps and websites about HotStar I am going to talk about.

Most of the movies or shows we watch on our TV, but now it’s time for the Internet where there are also some shows that can only be seen online, such as Web Series, it can be seen only on some video streaming apps or websites.

One of these is HotStar, but sometimes we are in a hurry when we are unable to watch any episode or we have to watch a movie then we cannot watch it, then you can download and watch it later.

And how to do this work, we are going to know in this post, so let’s know how to download HotStar Videos And Movies?

How to Download HotStar Videos And Movies?

Friends, there are many websites and apps with the help of which you can watch online videos or movies and you can download them offline as well, but there are some similar video streaming apps and sites from which you can not download videos.

As it is HotStar, but you will be able to download it now and how to do it, that is, how to do HotStar Videos And Movies Download, let’s know.

Download HotStar Videos –

To download HotStar’s videos, you have to resort to a website called “Videoder”, you will have to go to its website
You will find the app on this website here, which you can download and install on your phone.

If you want to download these videos on your PC / Laptop, then you can download the desktop version app for your PC.

Also, if you want, you can download videos like VOOT with the help of this app, apart from this you can download videos of many apps with the help of this app.

Install Videoder App

After installing the Videoder app on the phone, open this app.You will find many video streaming and video websites like sites like TikTok and Voot in this app.
But if you want to download the video of HotStar, then you have to find the option of Hotstar here, then click on it and open it.
You can either download it here or you can do it with the help of HotStar App.
To download from HotStar you have to open the Hotstar app and then click on any video or movie you want to download and then click on the #Share button.
On clicking this, you will see the option to download Videoder here, where you will see the option of “Download And Watch” here.
You have to click on it after which here you now have to select the quality of the video like * to choose one of 1080P, 720P, 480P or 360P, after which your video will start downloading.

You can download the video from HotStar by going to the website of Videoder and downloading the app for both your phone and PC / Laptop only.

Overall, it works on all those platforms which are a video streaming website or app, so tell me how you liked this post and share it with your friends.


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