Jobs Bucking The Trend During The Current Unemployment Crisis


The Covid-19 pandemic dealt a huge blow to many big cities and countries around the globe. It is estimated that over 230,000 deaths were recorded in the US from the disease alone. In a bid to prevent further spread of the deadly virus, Americans for months now have been subjected to stringent social distancing and quarantine regimens. This in many ways has significantly altered the ways we work, play, and go about our lives.

As we struggle to come to terms with the health implications the virus has on the country, major businesses and the economy as a whole will continue to take the brunt of the scourge. Many will suffer huge setbacks while many more are certainly bound to go out of business.

Nonetheless, there are quite a few jobs that appear not to be affected by the virus. It is even said that a number of them thrived in the wake of the pandemic. These jobs and businesses have largely been unscathed since the outbreak of the pandemic up to the present moment, as we gradually approach a post-Covid-19 dispensation.

In this article, we are going to be revealing to you the four most resilient jobs during Covid-19. 

Web Designers

Many IT professionals enjoyed a boom as the stay-at-home order had little to no effect on them and their work. Because of the ubiquitous nature of their jobs, web designers have the unique ability to work on their PCs from any location, to design, build and test out software used by millions of people every day. 

Even while the country experienced a series of shutdowns, the demand for their services shut up exponentially. Business people need wed designers to create fast and responsive web apps that will enable them to stay in touch with their customers. People require a faster and reliable Internet service to stay abreast of happenings around the world. There is an increasing demand for software maintenance—such as in the case of video conferencing apps like Zoom—for persons that need to hold virtual meetings with colleagues. 

Certain apps became popular during the Covid-19 crisis. A typical example is the Tik-Tok video app which rose in popularity as a result of people staying at home and using their spare time to create exciting and entertaining videos. This consequently made room for more software updates and UI/UX jobs for web designers. 

Web Development and E-commerce

Just when the first stay-at-home order was imposed by the government, only essential services were allowed to move around. Nonetheless, things loosened up a bit in the ensuing months, to make delivery services the top choice for Americans who needed to get their essential items delivered directly to their doorsteps. Since then, e-commerce supply chains and delivery businesses have grown much bigger than they were barely a year ago. They have become almost an essential part of our lives now.

Trips to the malls have been greatly reduced. You can get your groceries without having to leave your home. People stay at home and make their food orders. The world of online retail and delivery is bustling with energy! It has never been like this before.

Ultimately, there is now a huge demand for web developers. E-commerce sites require web development services in building robust online shopping portals, great customer interfaces, and reliable customer service. Cybersecurity is also a big market for web developers since successful e-commerce is totally dependent on it.

Data Scientists

Data scientists are enjoying a swell time this year and no better moment has that been than in the current Covid-19 pandemic. Even with the serious economic downturn the country faces as of the present moment, data scientists still earn as high as $200,000 and climbing.

According to a research, it has been surveyed that the median basic salary of data scientists in 2020 has increased considerably compared to last year. The main reason cited for this steady rise is that the current supply of data scientists is not able to measure up to the growing exponential demand for their services. Data scientists are in such short supply in comparison with growing market trends. As a result, more and more professionals have started making huge shifts over to data science careers in the year 2020.

It is a relatively new, bubbling industry with 72 percent of data science practitioners having just an average of ten or fewer years of working experience.

Data Analysts

The role of data analysts could not be anywhere more evident than in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic. Since the outbreak, the debilitating nature of the virus has called for comprehensive data analysis in a bid to provide accountability and contain its further spread. Huge statistical data from around the world needs to be collated, inspected, and modeled to make more informed decisions and qualitative inferences. The role of the data analyst has also enjoyed massive attention from diverse sectors, including the business, finance and scientific domains.

Despite major job and market disruptions in the wake of the pandemic, the data analysis industry still experiences a great demand for hotshot talent, and candidates enjoying multiple, lucrative job offerings.


The world has been under siege for months now following the outbreak of the deadly coronavirus. However, this should not cause you to shut down your life on account of the lockdown order, waiting for things to normalize. You can still make a killing in your niche by adopting some of the business models discussed above while sitting in the comfort of your home. Alternatively, you can check this article on how to land a job while still in the Covid-19 pandemic.


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