Preparing Your Skills For The Future Of Work 101


Over the course of the last few months, the workforce has seen a disruption like never before. The recent pandemic has changed the way in which work is performed. Traditional jobs are disappearing and being replaced by jobs based in tech at an accelerated rate, and the skills required of employees are being altered. 

Did you know that Time covered a report in which some economists claim that 42 percent of the jobs that went away during the pandemic may not return at all? When you think about it, that’s a frightening statistic for any employee. No matter what you do know, technology is slowly overtaking the workforce and making more jobs obsolete. Therefore, keeping your skills up-to-date for the future of work should be the priority of any employee.


Cyber Security

As far as career paths that are using skills applicable to the future go, cybersecurity is one of the best. Professionals within this industry are affectionately named moral hackers. Rather than hacking into companies’ data and stealing information, cybersecurity professionals do the opposite. They probe the systems of companies for weaknesses and then strengthen those systems upon finding any. 

Grand View Research actually predicts that this field will see a 10 percent growth by 2027 alone, which goes to show how popular and useful the skills in this profession are. You don’t necessarily need to enter this profession to develop some of the key skills, as identifying them is work enough.

For the most part, data analysis and coding are the two most prominent skills used by these professionals. However, if the field as a whole calls to you, consider learning how to become a cybersecurity engineer today. The process can be done via a graduate program or trade school, as outlined below, and sometimes coursework can be completed in as little as a year.

Data Science

Data Science

The second career path on this list that uses a large number of skills applicable to the future of work is data science. Data scientists have become increasingly needed over the last few years due to just how quickly the amount of data circulating the Internet is growing. As you may guess by the name, data scientists sort through large amounts of data and pull meaningful information to hand over to company executives.

Through the course of their work, data scientists help guide business decisions and improve overall business functions. Without data scientists, there would be no one capable of deciphering meaningless data from meaningful information. To see the skills used by these professionals, check out Bootcamp Rankings comprehensive guide to pursuing this profession. 

For the most part, as with cybersecurity, data analysis is the key skill used. However, knowledge of statistics and an understanding of human psychology can separate amateurs from pros in the field itself. Again, you don’t need to pursue this as a new career, as simply obtaining the skills reflected by the field can elevate you above the competition.

Trade Schools For All Your Skills

After covering two of the most useful careers that are changing the future of work, you may be considering following one of the paths. If this is the case, attending a trade school can help you assuming you are past the age of a traditional college or university student. Anyone of any age can attend trade schools and learn the skills needed to launch a new career in a matter of months.

Career Karma lists some of the highest-rated trade schools that offer courses ranging from data science to web design. Pursuing an education from one of these sources can provide you with the skills and knowledge needed to launch a successful career in the future of work.


Keeping your skills up-to-date for the future of work is a difficult task. There’s no one way to go about it and predicting every single change that is coming is nearly impossible. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t take the time now to study prominent fields and the skills they use. Doing this will help you gain an understanding of how and why those fields are growing so rapidly, and present you with the opportunity to potentially develop new skills yourself. 

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