Sunita Menon Best Astrologer in India, Sunita Menon Astrologers

Sunita Menon

Sunita Menon Best Astrologer in India, Sunita Menon Astrologers

Astrologers are the people who possess the ability to study the position and movements of celestial objects and hence predict certain information about human affairs, organizations and events. The entertainment industry and astrologers are quite closely related. There are television shows and radio tracks which have popular astrologers on board as speakers and chief guests- they might speak to individuals and discuss their lives, or may deliver a speech in general.

There are a lot of filmmakers and actors who believe in astrology and seek the help of these astrologers before initiating their professional work. For films and television, there are times when the makers approach the astrologers to predict the way their project will do in the market. Common cases are those of shifting the release date of the film, changing the spelling of the title or the title completely. There are times when actors change the spelling of their names or their production houses according to their astrologer’s suggestions.

Best astrologer in india

Celebrity Tarot card expert Sunita Menon

Celebrity Tarot card expert Sunita Menon had once been a personal advisor to Queen Bee of television industry Ekta Kapoor and the eminent filmmaker of B’town Karan Johar. Later, she managed to get many musicians, actors, filmmakers and fashion designers on her list. From fashion designer like Manish Malhotra to Ekta Kapoor, many celebrities such as actress Urmila Matondkar and actor Tusshar Kapoor had been her close and respectable clients.

She is notable tarot card reader to many Bollywood big stars and has been even a host of TV show Kosmic Chat and was a judge even for reality show Levi’s ‘Diva Quest’. Her success story began not only with participation in TV channels, but she often wrote columns in the newspaper to keep her in the limelight. But it is ‘Kosmic Chat’ that brought her to the limelight in B’town.

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Sunita never had dreamt even once of becoming a tarot card reader. She was a flight attendant in Gulf Air. She consulted a tarot card reader and the tarot card reader predicted that Sunita could become a famous Tarot card reader like her and never a successful flight attendant. She could not believe her predictions, and later her predictor became her ultimate guru and taught her this art.

Tarot card reading

Tarot card reading is a noble profession seen in ancient days in India. This method of reading cards to predict the future had originated amongst the gypsies of Rajasthan in the 15th Century. Sunita has collected thousands of packs of Tarot cards from all over the world. If one could believe, then it was Sunita, who was the ultimate person to tell Ekta to keep her ‘K’ factor in her every television projects.

There was indeed some scientific rationale behind it, and now we all know that Ekta’s ‘K’ factor is really a history. We do not if Ekta now wants to get even married to Karan Johar, because of another ‘K’ factor in Karan’s name. ‘Balaji Telefilms produced Kosmic Chat,’ which was aired on the Zoom channel, where she and actress Simone Singh, had built a trust and relationship with the audiences for the first time where she took to tarot card readings, palmistry, numerology, etc.

She shot to fame actually because of Karan Johar and Ekta Kapoor, who were ‘obsessive daily clients’ and had to consult with her before launching any project. Sunita is today indeed a professional tarot card reader who occupies a name and fame in Bollywood.

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