Tips on How to Increase Your Income Without Ad Marketing in 2021

How to increase revenue

A common way that online businesses improve exposure and sales is via ad marketing. This is essentially paid advertising. There are many different formats of ad marketing available. For example, you can pay to appear higher in Google search rankings, or even pay to have a premium Google listing that always appears at the top of a relevant search.

Whilst this can be effective, it is also costly. Therefore, it is important to understand other ways that you can boost your income without the need for ad marketing. We look at 5 simple methods below.

1. Boost basic SEO to improve search rankings

A simple method to boost income is to boost your SEO naturally. This can effectively do the same as paid ad marketing without the cost. You can do basic keyword research to look at phrases you want to rank for.

After this, you can add these keywords to your website content. This should include headings, Alt tags, and the META title and description tags. If you use a website builder, they will often have simple tools that allow you to easily change these SEO parameters. Also, look at creating backlinks from trusted third-party websites too.

2. Use social media to advertise your products/services

Social media can be just as effective as ad marketing when done correctly. Instagram, for example, has become incredibly popular for influencers and marketing. You should aim to develop a social media presence on a handful of popular platforms.

Post regularly, and aim to build an audience. This should provide you with a steady flow of new customers. An active social media presence should also help boost your SEO and website traffic.

3. Create effective branding to improve customer recognition

Branding helps boost income by improving customer recognition and trust. Your business should have strong branding that is used throughout your marketing. The first item is a business logo. You can use free platforms like to produce one of these. Your branding should also include a set color scheme and fonts. With branding set, you should then utilize it in your marketing and make sure it is consistent across all marketing channels.

4. Check competitor prices to remain competitive in the market

Pricing is a key factor in profit and income. If your prices are not competitive, your potential customers may simply go elsewhere. This is why it is important to periodically check competitor prices. 

We advise dedicating some time to competitor research. Look at the range of products they sell, and the prices they charge. Do you have similar prices? Are your prices vastly cheaper or more expensive? Compare this with what you offer, and look if any adjustments are required.

5. Create an email marketing campaign

Email marketing is also still an effective form of promotion. Creating an email marketing list and producing semi-regular email newsletters is a good way to retain customers and to prompt new sales. 

You can find various email marketing tools like Mailchimp that can help you organize your email databases, and produce exciting and informative email content. It is important that your email marketing gives value to the customer. For example, this could include previews of new products or access to discounts.

To create a versatile marketing campaign, you could consider using ad marketing, and the options listed above. The above 5 things are simple things that anyone can do. You don’t need great technical knowledge, and these are also cost-effective things that don’t require a large marketing budget. Why not give them a try today?

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Bernadette Horton


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